Microsoft Deployment Toolkit version 8450 disponible !

By | 29 décembre 2017

Microsoft vient de publier la version 8450 de Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Cette version apporte le support de Windows ADK pour Windows 10 1709 ainsi que Windows 10 1709. System Center Configuration Manager 1710 est également pris en charge.

Le changelog de cette version :

  • Win10 Sideloaded App dependencies and license not installed
  • CaptureOnly task sequence doesn’t allow capturing an image
  • Error received when starting an MDT task sequence: Invalid DeploymentType value «  » specified. The deployment will not proceed
  • ZTIMoveStateStore looks for the state store folder in the wrong location causing it to fail to move it
    xml contains a simple typo that caused undesirable behavior
  • Install Roles & Features doesn’t work for Windows Server 2016 IIS Management Console feature
  • Browsing for OS images in the upgrade task sequence does not work when using folders
  • MDT tool improperly provisions the TPM into a Reduced Functionality State (see KB 4018657 for more information)
  • Updates to ZTIGather chassis type detection logic
  • Upgrade OS step leaves behind SetupComplete.cmd, breaking future deployments
  • Includes updated Configuration Manager task sequence binaries

Pour télécharger le Toolkit, c’est ici !

Pour plus d’informations :

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